About us
Arasolè is a tour company based in Cagliari, Sardinia.
We are a group of travel designers and young and dynamic tour guides with a long-standing experience and a deep knowledge of the territory, history and culture of our beautiful island, gained by leading and dealing with many different groups.
We organize tailor-made excursions and experiences, out of the ordinary itineraries and team building activities.
Our areas of interest are: History, Art and Culture, Longevity, Food&drink, Country life, Yoga&wellness, Folklore and Handicraft, Sailing experiences and Active tourism
Choose your area of interest and contact our travel designers to transform your holiday into an unforgetable adventure!
Arasolè is the fictional town imagined by the Sardinian writer Francesco Masala.
and represents a traditional inland town.
It is the name that we have chosen for our cultural, rural and sustainable tourism project, whose aim is to guide you through the discovery of one of the most ancestral, secluded and pristine lands in Europe.
Our traveller will have the chance to live and experience an of the beaten track Sardinia, meet shepherds and farmers in their everyday routines, cook traditional dishes from the island with ladies who cherish the secret recipes and hike along paths in the less explored mountainous area.
People and communities will always be the focus of our experiences: Arasolè works with the local people and for the local people, allowing you to authentically live the place and offering local communities an important chance of growth and exchange.